1. Not having a budget – Know what you can afford and stick to it. Housing should be no more than 25% of your take-home pay.
  2. Not checking credit reports – Take a look and correct any errors before you apply for a mortgage.
  3. Not comparing mortgages – Talk to more than one lender, and ask about first-time homebuying programs.
  4. Becoming emotionally attached to a home – Keep a business mindset and think about the future.
  5. Applying for credit before the sale is final – This will alter your credit score and could affect closing.
  6. Foregoing an inspection – Just DON’T
  7. Underestimating costs of homeownership – Your mortgage plus taxes, insurance, utilities, HOA’s, repairs, yard, etc.
  8. Spending your entire budget – Leave enough money for unexpected expenses and emergencies. 

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