I recently ran across this article on the Realtors http://houswlogic.com website. I found it to be both fun and informative so I thought I would share it with you. I hope you enjoy it!


  1.  Excitement – HoorayWe’re selling our house and moving to our dream home.
  2. Anxiety – Will anyone want our home? Is I worth the asking price?
  3. Delight – This is our house? Who knew staging could make it look so great?
  4. Disappointment – Noooo. This is all someone thinks our house is worth? Will decent offer ever arrive?
  5. Elation – Hoorah? – We accepted an offer! We’re going to move!
  6. Worry – What if the appraisal is too low? Or the inspection goes bad.
  7. Relief – Phew! – It’s official! The selling process is finally behind us.
  8. Sadness – Our time in this home is really over. We’re walking away from so many happy memories.
  9. Joy – It’s really done! On to our future!

These are all so true but when it is all done the highs and the lows are all worth the journey if you are working with a professional realtor that know how to prevent or at least temper the lows. I would enjoy discussing the buying and sales  process and how I try to prevent and temper the lows in real estate transaction. Just like children we can go from laughing to crying back to laughing all in a very short time. the key is to never get to the crying stag after all this is most likely. I look forward to discussing all real estate topics with you either before, During or after you deside to buy or sell a house.

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Recently, a member of the Bigelow Group heard a commercial for a website purporting to provide the value of a home to anyone who went to the website and entered the information requested, including an email address. After all the information was submitted, the website responded by saying my colleague would be contacted by a real estate professional in the area who would give him a market value of his home.


In other words, the website was using the homeowner’s interest in the value of their home to generate prospects for a real estate agent who is most likely paying the website a hefty fee to generate leads.

            Note:  The website itself never did provide a value for the home.


If you are interested in learning the value of your home, you can go to such a website or you can contact me Jim Bigelow at 918-640-4657 or jim@jimbigelow.com. There is not a charge or obligation for this service. I know home values in the neighborhood. I can also give you the most accurate value for your home because I will look at your home and evaluate it based on its features, condition and location within the neighborhood. Finally, the information will come from a trained, knowledgeable associate who is familiar with homes in the area. I think you will find the information more reliable and the experience more enjoyable.

Jim Bigelow and Lindsey Stucky from Bigelow Group Real Estate
The Bigelow Group team: Jim Bigelow, Lindsey Stucky, Ally Herrmann, Scott Jobe, Kathy Zwart.

We seem to have experienced an early spring this year with above normal temperatures and some good rains. You may have already completed your spring maintenance jobs, but in case you have not, here are some suggestions.


  1. Check your gutters and downspouts.  Look for loose or damaged gutters as well as blockages in             downspouts.
  2. Inspect your roof for winter damage. Look for loose and missing shingles.
  3. Take a close look at your chimney. Look for cracks, missing mortar, loose bricks or boards and signs of         rot.
  4. Examine your drainage. Make sure soil slopes away from your foundation at 6 inches with the first 10             feet on all sides.
  5. Check your siding. Has any of it come loose or began to rot? Repair any damaged sections before             moisture has a chance to set in.
  6. Schedule your biannual HVAC inspection. Have a professional inspect and repair as needed.


The six suggestions above is only an abbreviated list of recommended maintenance items.  For a more detailed list and explanation, you can go to houselogic.com and search under “Spring & Summer Seasonal Maintenance Guide”.  Also, if you need the name of a professional service person to evaluate and make repairs, contact me via phone or email.  I keep a list of repair specialist and would be happy to share a name with you.

Jim Bigelow




Jim Bigelow who is a realtor at Bigelow real estate group.

A few months ago, I helped a very nice couple find and purchase their new home in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I recently received a call that the couple has completed updating their previous home and are ready to SELL!

Working with my clients has given me a renewed appreciation of the Sapulpa way of life. The town is far enough away from Tulsa to avoid the urban congestion yet close enough that a short drive avails all of Tulsa’s best restaurants and shopping.

The commute time from Tulsa to Sapulpa is approximately twenty-five minutes and well worth it, in my opinion. To get to the home, you’ll enjoy passing through historic downtown Sapulpa. Next, your journey will wind through beautiful countryside as you arrive at the home located on five acres with gorgeous views.

This home satisfies the needs for a variety of lifestyles. If you enjoy working on cars, there is a huge shop plus RV/Boat storage.  If you own horses or cattle, there is acreage for the animals to graze while you enjoy fishing in your own stocked pond. Have a green thumb? The property awaits your landscaping that will say, “This is our home.”

Contact me today so I can assist your family to join the close-knit community of Sapulpa, Oklahoma.


Ally Herrmann

Residential Sales Specialist



The value of a home is ultimately determined by the market, i.e. the law of supply and demand. A seller can want or need more for their home, but in the final analysis a home will only sell for what a buyer is willing to pay and the seller is willing to accept. Of course, there are things homeowners can do to maximize what buyers are willing to pay for their home.


The Bigelow Group at Coldwell Banker Select we are committed to helping owners achieve the top dollar for their home. One of many ways we accomplish this task is by providing sellers a “Dress Your House for Success Checklist”. It contains a room-by-room list of suggestions for uncluttering, cleaning, repairing, neutralizing and dynamizing each room.


Next, if a homeowner would like home staging services, we will provide those at no additional charge. A Buyer’s Eye Design consultant will come to your home and give professional recommendations and suggestions for steps a homeowner can take to have their home look its absolute best when buyers come to view their home. These recommendations can range from furniture arrangement and lighting to painting and even a remodel. Obviously, all suggestions and recommendations are optional for the homeowners.


If you want to sell your home and get the best price for it, contact Jim Bigelow at 918-640-4657 or Jim@jimbigelow.com.   I will give you information about home staging and all the steps we take to help sellers maximize the value of their house.


Tulsa Metro Area Housing Supply and Demand remains strong. Look at these examples:

Homes up to $100,000 in Broken Arrow and Union school districts we only have 1.08-1.18 months supply. Homes priced $100,000 to $200,000 in all metro school districts have between 1.75 – 2.97 months supply. Homes Priced $200,000 – $300,000 in Tulsa, Jenks and Skiatook have 3.29, 3.25 & 2.0 months supply respectfully.

What this is telling us is that if you are thinking about seller your home this is a great time to do so and if you are thinking about purchasing a home Be Ready, get a  mortgage pre-approval and when you find a good home that meets your requirements don’t wait as it might not be there tomorrow.

If you would like to discuss the Tulsa real estate market please call or email myself or one of the Bigelow Group Realtors we will be happy to talk or meet with you.

The Spring market is historically the busiest, so we should see a record number of buyers in our area searching for new homes. It’s also an interesting time for folks eager to move up to the next size home and for those who wish to downsize – all of this should make for an interesting month ahead in our neighborhoods and businesses!

If you or someone you know is thinking about buying or selling a house in the next 90 days, please call or text The Bigelow Group today (918)640-4657.

We’re the resource you need for:

  • A stress-free sale
  • No-nonsense negotiations
  • The best price for your home
  • A quick turnaround

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  • Supply & Demand: It’s economics 101. Low supply and high demand means higher price points. Right now, we have a historically low inventory rate and high buyer demand. As inventory shifts – and with new home construction on the rise adding to supply – acting sooner rather than later could net you more when you sell your home. “2017 will be a rare ‘balanced market’ for buyers because even though mortgage rates are edging up, many sellers have recovered enough equity to be able to afford to sell,” says Colby Sambrotto, president, and CEO of USRealty.com.
  • Interest Rates: Mortgage rates have been ticking up since the fourth quarter of last year, to just over 4%, and the rates for a 30-year mortgage are still hovering near 30-year lows. “We expect them to hold at this (4%) level for a while and continue to adjust up,” says Danielle Hale, managing director of housing research for the National Association of REALTORS. When the interest rates go higher, demand will be lower, and home prices are predicted to level or fall.
  • Buyer Urgency: The predicted tipping point for buyers to put the brakes on the robust demand is an interest rate of 5% or better, which we could see by year’s end. Today’s buyers are well informed and eager to lock in lower rates while they can.
  • Stronger Job Market: As unemployment continues to decrease, consumer confidence grows, and that trend converts to more homebuyers as well. According to NAR chief economist Jonathan Smoke, “If people are confident, they’re more likely to buy big-ticket items like houses and cars. And then they spend more money on other things. It reinforces the economy, creating a virtuous cycle.”

It’s the perfect time to sell your home and an opportune time, given the current interest rates, to purchase your next home. Don’t wait! If you’re ready to sell and want to get top dollar for your home, call or text Jim Bigelow today (918)640-4657.

Lindsey Stucky
The Bigelow Group / Coldwell Banker


The more we know, the better we can plan. That’s why I’m passionate about staying on top of real estate trends and sharing them with you. Here are our five real estate predictions for this year:

Real Estate Prediction 1
Home prices will continue to rise, increasing homeowner’s net worth. According to CoreLogic, home prices are poised to rise another 5.2% through September 2017, after a 6.3% increase over the past year. That has doubled the amount of home equity held by Americans, with the average homeowner gaining more than $11,000 in home equity wealth last year alone.

Real Estate Prediction 2
Mortgage Rates will go up. The Mortgage Bankers Association predicts rates will reach 4.8% (an increase of nearly two percentage points) by the end of 2017. If you’ve considered refinancing, sooner is better than later. Homebuyers should consider locking rates in early as well.

Real Estate Prediction 3
It will get easier to get a mortgage. According to Redfin’s Nela Richardson, “Starting in 2017, government-owned mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will begin backing larger mortgages for the first time in over a decade, making it easier for buyers in expensive markets to finance their purchases.” She also noted that mortgage credit will likely be more widely available because of slightly looser lending standards and that the Federal Housing Administration will likely lower the fees it charges first-time homebuyers.

Real Estate Prediction 4
Boomers and millennials will make their mark. According to Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke, “Millennials and baby boomers, the two largest American generations in history, are both approaching life stages that typically motivate people to buy a home: marriage, having children, retirement and becoming empty nesters.” He predicts that millennials will make up 33% of buyers in 2017.

Real Estate Prediction 5
Inventory will remain tight. One trend that will continue to be an issue is lack of home inventory. According to Smoke, home inventory is currently down an average of 11% year of year in the top 100 U.S. metropolitan markets. The median age of inventory , or the time it takes a home to sell, is currently 68 days in the top 100 metros, which is 14% – or 11 days – faster than the national average. “Prices are still likely to go up at an above-average pace as long as supply remains tight,” Smoke says. “The inventory problem is not going away.”

Our industry can change in the blink of an eye. As the Tulsa metro specialist, customers rely on me to stay current with trends and strategies so they know they have an advocate they can turn to with their questions. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and I’m happy to be the source people can trust.