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3 Reasons to price your home correctly

Underpricing your home may lead to:
– Decreasing your future buying power
– Buyers may assume something is wrong
– You may be leaving money on the table

Overpricing your home may lead to:
– Needing a price drop which can raise red flags
– Having your home sit on the market longer than needed
– Detering potential buyers

Pricing at market value will help you:
– Have a better chance of a bidding war
– Receive an offer at or above the listing price
– Sell your home quicker

If you’re looking to list your home, send us a message! We would be happy to connect with you and provide the best listing price for your home.

  1. Route 66 Christmas Chute in Sapulpa, OK
  2. Gathering Place Winter Wonderland
  3. Winterfest Downtown Tulsa
  4. Rhema Lights
  5. Castle Christmas at The Castle of Muskogee
  6. Tulsa Botanic Garden of Lights
  7. Roosevelt’s
  8. Christmas Wonderland at the Promenade Mall
  9. Iglootown at Welltown’s Winter Wonderland
  10. Okie Igloo Experience in Sapulpa
  11. Owasso Christmas Tree and Berry Farm

Year-Over-Year Comparison

Oct 2021 compared to Oct 2022

⬆️ Average sale price: $301,783 (up 12%)

⬇️ Total sales closed: 1,081 (down 30.30%)

⬆️ Avg. days on market: 22 days (up 22%)

⬇️ Pending sales: 1,024

Closed sales, pending sales, and new listings for October are noticeably lower, but here are some thoughts that you may or may not know in a housing market like this:

→ Good lender products are available for buyers and sellers in response to the continuing low inventory and its effects on all three areas above

→ Negotiations are a healthy part of the pending sales

→ Home buyers appreciate a well-priced home and work hard to complete transactions

There is more I can share! If you have questions or are wondering if now’s a good time to buy/sell, let’s meet! I am always happy to talk about your needs.

* stats are provided by and include the following counties: Creek, Okmulgee, Osage, Pawnee, Rogers, Tulsa, and Wagoner

Sometimes people ask us, “why should I work with a realtor if I can list the home on my own?” We’ve put together a short list of reasons why it’s worth partnering with an agent.

1. Selling a home takes time.
– Do you have time to show your home to every interested buyer? Are you ready to commit large amounts of time to market your property? By partnering with an agent, you’ll get someone dedicated to selling your home (and for the best possible price!)

2. Agents have access to large networks.
– Although you can list your home on sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and other public access sites, working with an agent gives you access to buyers that are eager to purchase & other agents with potential clients. Most agents have a Rolodex of contacts so they can easily spread the word about your property!

3. Agents help you find qualified buyers.
– When listing a home on your own, it can be difficult to ensure the buyers looking at your home are qualified to purchase. Realtors are trained to ask the right questions that determine the seriousness, qualification, and motivations of the buyer.

4. Agents are trained to negotiate prices.
– Sometimes negotiations are a big part of the selling process to ensure you get the best value for your home. Agents that have been working in the industry have been through the process multiple times, and can help guide your decision making process.

At the end of the day, our team of agents has your best interests at heart. We strive to take the best care of our clients to ensure the selling process is easy, and they receive the max amount for this home. If you have any questions about selling your home, send us a message or drop them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

The home closing process is the final hurdle in the race of buying a house and becoming an official homeowner. You are probably anxious to complete the process, and the last thing you want is any last-minute surprises! Here are several ways you can ensure the closing goes smoothly.

Understand the Closing Process

When you know what to expect, you can ask the appropriate questions and clarify anything that may be confusing. This also ensures that all parties are kept in the loop. Human error is natural but forgotten details can lead to delayed or canceled home sales. For this reason, it is important that you do the following:

– Speak with the professionals who represent the home seller. Ask them what you should expect.
– Identify and gather all the documents that should be brought to closing negotiations.

Review All Loan Documents When Buying a Home

Missing details in loan documents can either lead to mistakes in the paperwork or result in a product or payment scenario that can leave you unhappy. Reading loan documents may seem time-consuming, but it’s the best way to resolve potential problems or misunderstandings before they occur. Generally, Lenders are required to provide you with the appropriate loan documents, by request, at least 24 hours before the closing. When you have received the final version, reread the contents to make sure you know what you are signing.

Finally, make sure you have the following materials from the home-buying checklist on the morning of closing:

– Copy of your photo ID
– A homeowners insurance policy
– Good faith estimate
– Loan documents
– A check/acceptable form of payment

The loan documents should spell out the amount that you are required to bring to the closing. You may also need to certify the check so that the lender will accept it. You may have the option to wire transfer the funds, but this can take longer and delay the closing.

If you have additional questions about the home-buying process? Send us a message! We are happy to meet with you and explain any gray areas.

Don’t just focus on the sales price!

As a home buyer, it’s easy to primarily focus on a home’s sale price. Yet it’s important to make sure you consider other factors such as your own credit. When you pay off outstanding loans and reduce debt before beginning the process of looking for a new home, you can significantly impact the interest rate you will pay and whether you qualify for a loan.

Mortgages themselves commonly involve additional costs you may forget to account for, such as mortgage insurance. Other notable expenses include the property size, location, and condition of the home. These are some of the factors which determine property taxes and maintenance expenses for the upkeep of your home. While a home in good condition may have few repair costs at first, any home is a sufficiently large and complex structure and repairs are inevitable.

Focusing too much on the sale price of a home can also lead you to make an unwise decision based on your personal needs. You may become so focused on jumping on a good deal that you overlook whether a home is right for you. If you have a growing family, consider the need for more space in the near future. In contrast, be aware that a large home for a good price may be larger than you can reasonably use.

You may want to have your real estate agent show you homes within your specified price range without telling you each individual property’s list price. This can help you make an unbiased assessment of the home and help you avoid a hasty decision for or against a property simply because of price.

When it comes time to negotiate and close a deal, keep in mind the closing costs and the cost of moving into a new home. These additional expenses might include renting a van, hiring movers, buying new furniture, replacing old items, and limited repairs to rooms like the kitchen or bathroom.

If you are looking to purchase a new home and have questions about additional costs that might come up in the process, send us a message! Our team of agents is happy to connect with you and map out any potential expenses.

Week of November 4th – November 10th, 2022

New Listings 426 (down) Under Contract 359 (up)

Sold Homes 272 (down) Avg. List Price $319K (up)

Avg. Days on Market 35 (up) Avg. Sales Price $262K (down)

Dedicated to results

Rental properties offer investment returns in five different ways. Not all properties offer all five, so you’re going to want to understand each one and with more inventory going on the market everyday, now may be the time purchase one.

  1. APPRECIATION: An increase in value over time. Predictable appreciation is one of the biggest perks of real estate investing.
  2. TAX BENEFITS: Write off general expenses and perceived losses on the property to end up with tax-free income or even a return.  
  3. CASH FLOW: The money you make each month after expenses are paid
  4. EQUITY BUILT THROUGH MORTGAGE PAYOFF: Your mortgage payments are being reduced through the income of your tenants’ monthly rental payments.
  5. HEDGE AGAINST INFLATION: Investigate a fixed-rate loan while property values increase over the years.

If you have questions and are interested in buying an investment property or two, or three, contact Jim Bigelow with The Bigelow Group at Coldwell Banker Select. Call or text him at (918)640-4657 or email:


Did you know Jim Bigelow of The Bigelow Group at Coldwell Banker Select in Tulsa, Oklahoma has his S.R.E.S designation? This means he can meet the special needs of maturing Oklahomans when selling or buying residential or investment properties in the Tulsa metro area.


  1. Works first and foremost to understand the unique needs, considerations, and goals of the individual 50+ client and to always have the best interest of the client in mind.
  2. Has the knowledge and compassion to counsel clients through the major financial, legal, and lifestyle transitions involved in relocating, selling, or buying.
  3. Serves the needs of multiple generations including adult children and caregivers, by bringing experience and insight into life’s transitions.
  4. Takes a no-pressure approach and will take the time needed to listen and advise so the client is comfortable and confident in their choices.
  5. Understand the emotional demands a transition can make on a senior and their family and tries to minimize them.  
  6. Tailors the marketing and steps of buying or selling to the needs of an older client.
  7. Understands state and federal laws regarding senior housing and how Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security can impact housing decisions.
  8. Has knowledge of uses benefits, procedures, and issues involved in various reverse mortgages.
  9. Is knowledgeable in the uses of pensions, 401K accounts, and IRAs in real estate transactions.
  10. Has a wide network of local senior housing options, elder support services, and other senior-focused professionals who can assist in counseling and planning all aspects of a transition.

So, when looking for a realtor who will respond to your specific age 50+ real estate needs, look for the SRES designation. You can count on your SRES to guide you through the process and make the transition less stressful and more successful!

Call Jim Bigelow today (918)640-4657 or email:

We had our fall family photos taken today in Woodward Park, Tulsa, Ok, and this got me thinking of popular locations around the area for taking photos. Below are my top choices.

Coal Creek Farms in Jenks: We did photos here two years ago. It’s 15 wooded acres of beautiful land, a tree swing, a creek, and a barn.

Dream Point Ranch in Bixby: This family-owned ranch offers outdoor and indoor photography. Its wooded areas are perfect for fall family photos.

Woodward Park in mid-town Tulsa: A popular area for locals. Woodward Park and The Tulsa Garden Center offer a variety of backdrops, with trees, open spaces, rocky areas, benches, bridges, and vivid flowers.

Ray Harral Nature Park in Broken Arrow

181 Ranch in Bixby

Pleasant Valley Farms – Christmas Tree Farm

Owasso Christmas Tree and Berry Farm