When it comes to adorning the walls of your home, you need to do a little digging and a lot of experimenting before making a color commitment. Every creative venture requires inspiration – and that especially applies to decorating your home.

Our first tip- look to Mother Nature. Any color combination found in nature can easily be translated into an interior arrangement and make for a soothing ambiance. Spend a little time outside, observe which tones you’re drawn to most and bring your ideas back home!

Next, defer to a beloved pattern. Whether it’s from your favorite wallpaper, dress, or artwork- a preexisting pattern is likely to coordinate well. Even if the pattern incorporates disparate colors, harmony can be achieved by layering a dominant tone with more subtle hues.

Another course of action- consider your target vibe. The colors in each room should correlate, emotionally and visually, so pinpointing the overall atmosphere you want for your home can help you determine which shades to use in each room.

With each of these options, you’ll want to buy samples of your favorite shades and test them out on a small section of your walls. Give yourself a few days to observe your choices, and see which one stands out to you most. This will help ensure your selections are the right fit and complete the aesthetic you are after for your home.

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